Saturday, December 5, 2009

Now, A Pet

Spay Day was a big success. Picked Shadow up around 5 last night and took her home. For her, it is a real home now. Except for Bella, I would be pretty happy. Poor Bella thought she was back in her position as queen. She was waiting for me at the top of the stairs, but when she saw the carrier, she knew Shadow was back. If a cat could look crestfallen, Bella did.

Mr. New Cat was hiding as usual. I let Shadow out in the bathroom but she didn't want to stay there. She seems fine, licking her stitches but OK. I dropped off a wild cat and brought back a pet. This morning she let me pet her for about 15 minutes. She feels very soft, not as silky as Bella, but nice all the same.

I just hope the three of them have a peaceful day. Last evening was not that peaceful. Bella and the male got into a fight. Her tail was enormous. She's still eating, though, and so is Shadow (also the male, but I wasn't worried about him.)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Spay Day

Shadow's spay day was bright and sunny, 60 degrees, and the animal hospital was easy to find. I must have passed it a dozen times in the past, and not noticed it sandwiched between a Western Beef and something else. If you blink, you miss it.

The receptionist, Lucy, was lovely, as I'd thought. I told her my suspicions about Shadow having asthma. I left her there not knowing if the doctor would be able to give her anesthetic or not, but no calls came all day. So I called them around 6, and Lucy said my little cat was just waking up. So, yay, she had her hysterectomy.

At home, all was peaceful. Bella was eating, and walking freely around the house in her old manner. She made it plain that she wanted to be fed in the kitchen. She's had enough of being stuck in my room. Mr. New Cat was on the windowsill when I left, listening to Spyro Gyra, and he spent most of the day there. I still haven't scrubbed the woodwork, but I did vacuum quite a bit. He was afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but he was basically OK. He had some treats as a reward for his bravery.

It was fun cleaning up all the fur behind and on the couch, but I wouldn't want to do it every day. I guess I'll have to do it once a week, like a normal person, though. I moved the entire couch all the way out to the middle of the LR, finding half a dozen cat toys. It's heavy, because it's a sleeper sofa. Quite a workout. I found some Carbona and cleaned parts of the carpet, cleared off the marble-topped table, adjusted a light, and hung a Monet print. The place looks so much better, just from my day at home.

Having a break from Shadow was like leaving a mischievous child in daycare, or overnight with Grandma. Like respite care, but also a little odd. I missed her, a little. At the vet's lives a big tiger cat. He is very friendly, but when he walked over to Shadow's carrier, she hissed and struck at him. "See," I told Lucy, "She is feisty." Her spirit has helped her survive thus far. She's been with me almost three months, and we'll see where she goes next. She is the boss of my house, which I don't really agree with. Bella was enough of a boss, before Shadow arrived. Bella and the male cat don't interact at all, which is good. Shadow is the instigator. Under the couch I found the other half of a brown paper Starbucks bag that Shadow and Mr. New Cat were fighting over the other night. I'd found one half and wondered where the other piece was.

Kitty, my sister, is coming after all. So, yay again.