Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are Three Too Many?

I've done it again. Ali brought me another survivor from the colony in Richmond Hill. This one is a male, we think, but so far I have not seen much of him. We intended to put him in the bathroom, which I had prepared for a wild cat, having learned from my experience with Shadow.

I'm going to call the new cat a male, until verified. He has a large face, tomcat like, and no name yet. He's pretty, white with gray markings, I think. He arrived Sunday night, same as Shadow, and now it's Tuesday, my day off. This would be the day to take him to the vet, except he is hiding behind the couch.

Shadow has turned into a little tyrant, chasing him and hissing. She's keeping him pinned behind the couch. Wish we had released him in the bathroom, so he'd be confined and I could see him. That was dumb, but we were eager to see how Bella reacted.

She was actually fine. Her ears were in "Happy Cat" position, and there was no hissing or striking out. She looked interested, and he looked calm. He went to an empty spot on the bottom shelf of the bookcase and sat there for a long time, until after Ali and his girlfriend left.

I was out late last night, not a good welcome for the new cat, but I attended a meeting at the ASPCA office in Manhattan. I thought it was worth going to, because the topic was Community Outreach and managing feral cat colonies. Not that I have one, except in my living room, but it was great to see all these interested people. Most were women, and nobody looked like a "crazy cat lady." There was one man, pretty cute and about my age, in my row, but I didn't speak to him. Belatedly it occurs to me this might be a place to meet someone special. Anyone who cares that much about animals must be OK. I was very impressed with the group and the presentation. They're real Do-ers. And, pizza and beverages were served midway through.

This morning was rough. Shadow's running around like she's had a shot of Red Bull. For some time now, her breathing has sounded bad. I called the vet this a.m. and also Friends of Animals to see where the spay certificate is. They said they sent it first class mail, on Oct. 21, a day after I had ordered it. Now they're sending a replacement.

I admit I am bad with mail and might have missed it, but I have really been watching for it. Have resolved to completely clear unopened mail off my dining room table today. Maybe I'll find the spay certificate.

Meanwhile I hope Mr. New Cat can get to the litter box. And knows what it is for.

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