Monday, November 16, 2009

What a Menagerie!

Things are deteriorating around the old homestead. Mr. New Cat is unhappy. Last night he was on the windowsill, yowling to the outdoors. I'll bet his hormones are acting up.
Must call vet about Shadow's spaying.
Mr. New Cat is unhappy in general, because Shadow gives him such a hard time. I heard deep growling from behind the couch the other night. I am over my head with cats. Why did I take them in?
To save a life, in Shadow's case. and to get a cat out of the cold, in the case of the male. Stupid of me. He'd be happier outside.
There are a couple of bright spots. Bella seems happier, now that Shadow is concentrating on the male, and this morning Shadow let me pet her again. It is such a thrill when she holds still and lets me, purring all the while. You'd think she was a normal house cat.

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