Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shadows Are Changeable

It was another Squirt Bottle morning, vs. Shadow, after she tried to scratch Bella right in the face. She gets this nasty attitude, hissing and striking out for no reason I can see.
I put food out for them and it must have touched off the jealousy fuse somehow, again. Shadow's was in the kitchen, and Bella's was in my room, as usual. It looked to me like they wanted to switch.
Bella had not eaten anything in a while, so I tried to give her one of her appetite stimulant pills, but I couldn't get her to take it. Later, she was in the kitchen nibbling dry kitten food. So that's some relief. I have to go out for more food, for the cats and me.

I spent some of my day off listening to my new Roseanne Cash album, "The List," which seemed to relax the cats. Shadow is sleeping or at least reclining, on my bed, while Bella is hiding somewhere.

I really should be cleaning, but I've been on the Internet all day.

Yesterday morning was much better. I woke up to bright sunshine and a gentle tapping of a paw on my left elbow, which was sort of hanging off the bed. Bella was on my other side, so I knew it wasn't her, even thru the haze of sleep. The little feral initiating physical contact again! Pleasant physical contact, tapping as if to wake me up. It was quite sweet.
How can she be such a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality? and when is that spaying certificate going to get here, so I can move on to the next phase of Shadow's life?

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