Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Cats Peeing

The spay certificate was in my mailbox, only a day or two after my second request. yay, FOA!

Shadow celebrated by peeing on a pile of old mail on the living room floor, as I watched from the couch. I couldn't believe my eyes, because she's been so good about that. You're supposed to pick them up and place them in a litter box when they make a mistake. But she won't let me pick her up, yet.

I had to laugh to myself, because it made me finally throw away the mail, which may have been there for a year. Maybe she doesn't want to pee in a box frequented by a male.

Mr. New Cat did use the litter box, today and yesterday, judging by the evidence. Yay for him! I like him; he looks like Bella, white with black markings.

I think she likes him. At least they're not fighting. I saw him this morning, coming out of my room! How did he get in there, and when? Was he there all night, behind the bed?

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