Monday, November 2, 2009


Shadow discovered catnip this morning. She was scratching at the cardboard pad, which came infused with catnip, and is in a wooden frame. Wish I had a picture to post, but please imagine it.

The scratching thing is in the hallway. She had flipped the cardboard part out of the wood frame, and it landed upside down. A pile of catnip fell on the floor. I picked some up and scattered it on the cardboard scratching pad, which I replaced in the frame, and left for work. The rest I left on the floor.

Now I'm at the office, imagining her stoned out of her mind. And Bella is missing all the fun, closed off in my room with her food, water and litter box, like a prisoner.

Dog's Best Friend told me it was okay to pick up the little cat the other day. He even said to keep doing it, so she gets used to it. Well, good. I will. Maybe it wasn't a move too soon, after all. My intuition has to count for something.

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