Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Move Too Soon

Shadow continues to rub against my ankles every morning and at other times, too. Last night she was purring, loudly, a real purr, as she continued physical contact. She looks at me more, too, I think. Eye contact has to be good, right?

She still bothers Bella, though. There was a spat in the middle of the night, and this morning, also last night when I got home. This a.m. I had to resort to the Squirt Bottle. Fed them separately, usual procedure now, and I closed the door so Bella could eat in peace.

A few minutes later, I was at the computer when I heard Bella mewing to come out, so I opened the door. Now I'm at the office, and I have to trust they are doing okay together.

Made a mistake yesterday a.m. by picking up the little cat when she rubbed against my ankles. She squirmed desperately, so I put her back on the floor, and she ran as far from me as she could get. A move too soon, on my part. Still, at least now I know I can get a hold of her to take her to the vet for spaying, if that certificate ever arrives. And, she didn't bite me or scratch, just wriggled. She is becoming tamer. I would love to pick her up and cuddle her, but not yet.

I need a book on feral cat behavior and how to tame them. Can anyone recommend one?

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