Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ali Pays a Visit

Worked with Ali today, and his next-door neighbor was our minor. They knew Shadow months ago, of course, since Ali and his father saved her.

Ali drove me home, and I asked them in to see Shadow and Bella. What a nice visit! Shadow was stretched out on the couch, although she hid when she saw them. Bella had been in my room, and she came out when she heard us. She turned on the charm, and I was so proud of her. We played with the Cat Dancer toy a little, I knowing she was thinking, You faker! You never play with me unless we have company. Unfortunately, this is true.

After they left, I fed her -- in the kitchen, hurray-- then watched the last of Penn State's victorious Homecoming game, reheated the ratatouille from last night, then watched "Sex and the City" episodes with Bella on my lap. She felt very relaxed, which made me happy.

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