Monday, October 19, 2009

Spaying, Part I

Shadow has an appointment at the vets' tonight, but it remains to be seen if we will get there. If she goes into the carrier, I will take it as a sign, and bring her in.

If not, I'll get the spay/neuter certificate from Friends of Animals ($65 for a female cat). There's a vet near me who participates in the program, only charging $35extra for pain meds when she goes home. They do ferals on Thursday, not handy for me this week, and the girl at the vet's office warned me the certificate takes a long time to come in the mail. And don't ask me how I would give her pain meds.

My vet does not participate in the program, and for two nights' boarding, plus surgery and everything else, they will charge $345. It's a big difference.
If anybody wants to check the FoA, it's

The kitty is still wild, but funny. This morning I heard her scratching at something that turned out to be my rubber rainboots, the stretchy part on the side. No damage. She rubbed against my ankles in the kitchen again. Oh, my neighbor agreed to feed them while I am away this weekend. I warned her about the feral, but I am sure Shadow will hide when she sees Marta. Hope she doesn't bite her, like one of my sister's cats did when a neighbor came in to feed him. His name was Buster, and Kitty always described him as a "barn cat."

Kitty's neighbor had to go to the hospital, and Kitty paid the bill. I really hope that doesn't happen this weekend!

Barn cats generally have no manners. In a house, they don't know how to behave, jumping up on tables and stuff. However, some cats raised in a barn have an innate sense of how to act in a home.

I am pretty sure Shadow is a barn cat. She did jump on my desk, as I could tell the next day when I saw papers and my glasses on the floor. This morning she ran around my apartment with so much energy, I wished I could let her out to run and climb trees. Our barn cats used to climb ladders to get to the hay mow. They really had the life.

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