Friday, October 16, 2009

National Feral Cat Day, Oct. 16

Who knew? Maybe Shadow and Bella knew, for they have been very good since a bad spat this morning, as I was getting ready for work. I took an emergency annual leave day, because I thought "I've got to get a plan going" for the feral.

I was a little panicked last night when my daughter called the situation "untenable." It kind of is, but you should have seen them today. They love it when I'm home. The little one enjoys music. She lay on the couch like a regular cat, a first. While I was going through my piles of mail, I played old CDs. She's a folk cat, I thought, remembering Phoebe, a tiger striped cat we had in the 1970s, who especially loved Joni Mitchell. I was home all of today, except for going to Rite Aid to get a flu shot. It was nasty out, cold and rainy. A good day to be indoors. Lucky little feral. It's really Ali she has to thank.

I called my vets' office again, to see if I could cancel Shadow's Tuesday appointment for spaying, in case I found a cheaper place. They all seemed like a hassle, though, and Bideawee wasn't much less than the price my vet quoted. The woman I talked to at Bideawee told me Shadow has bonded to me! Can you imagine? I told her S. was lying at the top of the stairs for a long time, and then on the couch. Oh, the other night she greeted me at the top of the stairs, but that was only because Bella was confined to my room.

I've gone in my room twice in the last hour, and both cats were lying quietly on my bed, an unimaginable first. Celebrating National Feral Cat Day, no doubt.

One one of the Websites, I found out today is National Feral Cat Day. On another, Friends of Animals, I learned that Priscilla Feral is the president of that organization. It has spay certificates that may be purchased online, and certain vets honor them with a discount. But not mine, I found out when I called. They are already offering a 10% discount for any services to strays.

The Mayor's Alliance has a Feral Cat Initiative, and a beautiful, rich Web site. Maybe I'll vote for Bloomberg after all.

I did not cancel Shadow's appointment, but they said I could on short notice, like if I can't get her in the carrier, and it wouldn't be a problem. They're very nice over there at Astoria Veterinary Group. (Might as well give them a plug.) The plan now is that I'll take her over there on Monday evening, they'll do the surgery Tuesday, and I'll pick her up Wednesday evening after work.

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