Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner a la Crate

Shadow wouldn't go into the carrier, even though she hadn't eaten all day and I put a saucer of freshly opened canned food inside. But guess who did: Bella!

It was the funniest thing, to see the big white cat slowly and suspiciously walk in.

Usually she hates the carrier, and, when I first got it out, she ran into the little crack in the couch where Shadow used to hide. Then she came out and walked around the crate, sniffing the food inside.

I was watching TV, unconcerned about who went in, but thinking if Shadow did take the bait, I'd take her to the expensive vet, just to get the spaying over with.

Bella nibbled a bit, came out, sat on my lap, I petted and praised her, she got back down and went into the carrier again, and ate some more. "Looks like you found a safe place to eat where nobody will bother you," I said.

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