Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Got home about an hour ago, having stopped to get Fancy Feast on the way. My house was dark and cold; the wind was blowing pretty hard all day and I left the windows open. So, I closed windows, turned on lights, and opened cat food cans.

The little one was in the living room, and Bella was in my room, where I had left her all day with a light on. I could see her shadow under the door, so I opened it, out she came like she had missed out on all the action all day.

Feeding them was interesting. It's after cat-dinner now, and Bella's back in my room, and yowling. She wants to come out. They seem to enjoy fighting, but I hate it. "Can't we all just get along?" I asked them.

Bella ran down the stairs, followed more slowly by Shadow. It may have been her first time on the stairs. Nothing much happened. Shadow came back up, then disappeared into the closet. I gave Bella her food in her old spot in the kitchen, while Shadow stationed herself under the rocking chair, where she has a good view of the kitchen, living room, hallway, and anything that moves in between.

Holding Shadow's food, I wondered where to put it. I took it over by the couch, where she ate for the first week that she was out of the bathroom/prison. Not interested. Meanwhile, Bella was eating well in the kitchen. No more mime of covering food with litter. Of course Shadow stalked her and chased her out of there. Bella ran into my room, so I brought the rest of her dinner there, too. God, this must be really boring to you readers. I moved Shadow's food to under the dining room table, and I see that the saucer has been licked clean.

I knew this conflict would happen, as soon as I found out the little feral was a female.

Bella's trying to defend her turf, and Shadow is challenging her. Shadow goes after her with such vigor, speed and athleticism, I have to admire her. Bella's built for comfort, not for speed. And, she's a lot older.

One of the vets in the group I go to told me the first time I brought Shadow in that keeping her would shorten Bella's life, because of the added stress. Another vet in the same practice told me if Bella accepts her, living with a companion cat will help her live longer.

Just peeked at Bella's dish, and it, too, is clean. Good.

Now she came out and scratched her claws on the cardboard thing in the hall. Little cat heard her, and came racing. There was spitting and chasing, but no attack. Ha, exercise for Bella. Maybe I should look at it that way.

Bella goes up on my bed for refuge, or maybe it's military strategy: to claim the high ground to repulse the invader. I don't think Shadow would dare get on my bed, at least not yet.

Maybe this will work out, and both cats will be better off. I'm just not sure how much time to give it. Or if I should keep them separated at night, or what. I know I don't want them fighting. I never did like confrontation.

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