Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

If I thought I was over my head a week ago, I'm even more so now.

My sister may not come visit now that she knows I have a third cat, an unspayed, unvaccinated, untested male, who might have fleas, disease, worms and germs.
He is pretty dirty. He spends a lot of time on the windowsill, and now the white paint is gray. He fell asleep there last night. Looked kinda cute, stretched out with his chin on the sill. Shadow was snoring, curled up, about two feet from me on the other side of a pile of mail. Bella was in my room. I was watching CDs of Sex and the City. They like having me home. They come out of hiding and relax.

Kitty's threat is pretty much an ultimatum. She's right. She would never have permitted a stray cat into her house. I should have had him to the vet by now.

Oh, some good news. Shadow has an appointment for her spay on Dec. 3. The people at that vet (Flushing Vet Med Center) sound very nice. If she hadn't been vaccinated, they would have done it, I think included with the Friends of Animals voucher. And, they will keep her overnight. I can pick her up on Friday, the 4th. They're open till 7.

Time is getting short. My sister is due here Dec. 7. I'd better get an FOA certificate for the male and get him done ASAP. Maybe the vet can do a blood test, flea check, and nail trim while he's unconscious. They do all surgeries on Thursdays.

Meanwhile, I am going away for Thanksgiving. My neighbor Marta has offered to take care of them, just not on Thanksgiving Day. I'll leave dry food out, and lots of litter, and they'll be all right. I'll be gone from Wed. afternoon to Sat. night.

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